Marcee (marcee12) wrote,

I need a new book series...

I just finished reading Kim Harrison's 'Hollows' series. It was pretty good. I've read all of John Saul and Dean Koontz. I've found I enjoy the more 'easy-read' series tho. Even though I found Janet Evanovich kind of childish, I read her entire series and mostly enjoyed it. Piers Anthony used to be my favorite author so I'm not against fantasy novels. I did enjoy Eragon and Eldest (I have the new one, but it's big and hardcover and not convenient for transport.) As many of you know, I'm a fan of Buffy - so the vampire stuff works for me too. But I don't like historical, political or educational. :) I want simple, easy-to-read, fun entertainment to take with me to the beach.

PLEASE make some suggestions.


-- Me
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How about the Tanya Huff Blood books? Did I tell you about those already? Her "Smoke and Mirrors/Ashes/Shadows" books are entertaining too, with some of the same characters.

Also, I just started the Sookie Stackhouse books (HBO's True Blood is based on these). There are 8 (soon to be 9) of them and they're a quick read and I'm loving them.
Lots of people have rec'd the Sookie books. I just don't want to read them cause I watch the show (True Blood). On the one hand, I feel like it's a waste of time to read what I've already seen and on the other, I don't want to spoil myself for future episodes. Maybe those are both the same hand?

You may have told me about Tanya and then I promptly forgot about her. I'll go look her up now.

Thanks! :)
I haven't seen the series (don't get HBO and haven't rented the series yet), but one of my co-workers said that the books are more like Sookie's see more of her thoughts, etc. The series is a lot different that way.
In looking up Tanya Huff, I stumbled upon Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series -- any experience with that one?
The first 6 or so Anita Blake books are very good. Then the author starts to go off the rails, eventually in spectacular fashion.

so true.
The Stackhouse novels and the True Blood Shows are TOTALLY different. If anything you'll be confused. Not a waste of time. Books are way better and more detail.
Oooh that looks pretty interesting. Keep 'em coming, Wind Ho.
What's in it for me? Booby shots?
Such a perv. Is my undying gratitude not enough for you?
You know Mary Janice Davidson, right?
I deserve a dozen booby shots, really....

I got bored around book 4, but book 1 is certainly fun.
The John Sandford Prey series. (each book has the work Prey in the title).

They are detective/cop stories set in minnesota. they read fast and there's a tiny bit of sex. not much as compared to the anita blake series.
Police procedural? Hmm.. eh, not so thrilled. Try again. ;)
kessy gets booby shots and i get scorn?


since, apparently, you like more plot than I do (go figure, you'd think you'd be more shallow than I) may I recommend the box car children series? no sex though.

If THAT isn't good enough (and likely won't be since it's you and you're not shallow like me) you could try The Winds of War by Herman Wouk. While technically only one book, it long enough to be a series.

Do you want actual series? Or books by... fill in the author? Jayne Krentz (not judith as i'd thought since i'm old like jones) writes under several names. There are different series like the Arcane Society (i'm quite fond of this series if only b/c i enjoy imagining I can kill with a single thought), ghost series, etc. They are romancy, mystery, slightly woo-woo pychic stuff... Jayne Castle is one of her other names I think.

Have you tried Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy series? fun and funny stuff. Recurring characters but the books can be read as stand-alones.