Marcee (marcee12) wrote,

Writer's Block: I Don't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Have you ever found yourself enjoying something you had previously scorned as a cliché? What was it?
Buffy. "Really, Jason? Buffy?! You want me to watch Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?!?! What are you, 12?" Then, I became an addict. And THEN, I joined the forums. And THEN, I moderated the forums. And THEN, I wrote fanfic. Yeah, WTF.
Tags: writer's block
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You forgot to add how THEN you decided to meet up with your 14-year old pimply boy psycho perv forum buddies BBB friends in rl.
But most importantly...YOU WROTE FIC!!!!!
Where, when, point me in it's direction!
Oops, this is spacenewt BTW :-D
You never read "Things Present, Things Past" by Estepheia and me? I'm sure I pimped it all over the boards at the time... if you hadn't, it's here:

But it's 70,000 some odd words, long. But it's pretty good, if I do say so myself.