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It's All About Me...

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  2011.05.24  16.24
Heathens and Thieves...

We're moving into our brand new building this weekend. The movers start Friday night and finish up on Saturday. The packing is almost done and we're just tying up loose ends. Bellsouth DSL and Comcast Cable Internet were both installed a couple of weeks ago -- tested and working.

Today we had our walk-through to make sure all was done to our satisfaction. It was, with a few minor touchups...However, as I peeked into the phone room, I realized that our DSL and cable modems were GONE. As was half of the existing phone system, my box of ethernet cables and our 24-port ethernet switch. Fucking fucks. The suite has been wide open for two months, with workers coming and going at all hours. As far as I could tell, nothing had been stolen, moved or vandalized in all that time. Three days before we're supposed to move in, someone has to go and fuck it all up.

Thankfully, my IT guy has an extra DSL modem we can have and Comcast already scheduled a tech to come out and replace the cable modem (though it will probably cost us $100-$200 or so). So frustrating.

At least the building is awesome and the suite looks terrific. I'll be sure to post pictures when we're all moved in and settled.


  2010.08.16  15.13

If you're interested in helping my buddy make an album, click here:

He's uber-talented.


  2010.05.31  16.39
Back from Atlantis...

After a very very bad start (we found out Jason's passport was expired the night -10pm- before we were set to leave)...we finally made it to the Bahamas just a day and a half late. Just in time for dinner (which was good) and a decent night's sleep.

Overall, the vacation wasn't quite what I had hoped for in some respects and significantly better in others.

On the one hand, it was NOT a relaxing vacation. While Atlantis is technically a 'beach resort', it's wayyyyy more of a theme park atmosphere. There's a lot to do and see and the place is so BIG, it's a trek to get anywhere. And while it wasn't PACKED there were still people everywhere. There was some lines for things and TONS of kids. So it was definitely more like Disney than Sandals.

On the plus side, the food was great. The service was much better than I expected. And there was a lot for Jason and the baby to do.

The grounds are gorgeous. The marine habitats were amazing. Jason enjoyed the rock wall and the slides. I enjoyed the rapids river, the pools and the casino.

Before we left for Atlantis, Meli was diagnosed with Strep Throat. After 3 days of antiobiotic she was fine. Unfortunately, by the time Jason and I got to the Bahamas, we were both blessed with stuffy noses, sore throats and an awful cough. J seems to be better already, but my cough progressed into bronchitis. So I came home super tired, sick, dry and achy. Oh, and 5 pounds heavier to boot.

Anyway, pictures are here: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y130/MARCEE12/Atlantis%202010/


  2010.04.19  15.18

Who ya gonna call? My F-list!

Somehow my TiVo forgot to record Season5/Episode16 "Dark Side of the Moon" -- and it's my shit luck that the cw doesn't have it up...therefore hulu doesn't have it up...and I refuse to watch Eps 17 and 18 until I see 16. Sooooo, if any of my buddies know where I can find it, download it, stream it, view it, etc -- PLEASE help a sistah out.


-- Me


  2010.02.09  11.38
Hee hee

I totally just put my buddy on match.com. The poor dear doesn't even know what hit him.


  2010.01.26  11.22
Been a while.

So, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I got all caught up in the Facebooking and the Tweeting and figured everybody already knows what's going on in my life. But in case you didn't, here's the breakdown:

Meli's turning three on February 1st. Can you believe it? Three years old. That's like...a little kid. She's not a baby anymore. Oh, and did I mention, she's wearing BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR! OMG! Yep. She's just about potty trained. Wild. I still remember being all impressed when she reached for her pacifier as an infant. Now she walks and talks and skateboards and pees on the grown-up toilet. Craziness.

I'm having another petting zoo/pony ride birthday party for her. We're doing it on Superbowl Sunday (again). We're having it a beautiful new park. It's cowgirl themed. She'll wear a pink cowboy hat with a light up tiara and she'll greet everyone with, "Yeehaw! Ride 'em cowboy!" It's going to be so cute and super fun and I can't wait.

Over the weekend she ended up with a fever that reached 104.2. That freaked me out. We had to put her in a cool bath to bring it down. What a shitty Saturday night. I got zero sleep. Thankfully, Jason's mom stayed with me (she's a nurse)...so at least I wasn't panicking alone. Jason slept through the madness. But, anyway, she's fine now. Doc said it was just a virus and could last 24 hours or up to 8 days. I'm glad it was the prior.

I'm totally a nerd in that I'm completely counting down the hours (25 or so) until they announce the new apple tablet. (Tomorrow at 1pmEST.) Super excited about that. I told Jason to get me that for Christmas/ouranniversary/mybirthday. Speaking of Christmas, he didn't give me anything this year. Well, he got me the apple magic mouse, but way after Christmas was over. Yeah, he's a jerk. Moving on.

In April, I'm going with my parents to Las Vegas. I've never been and I'm very excited. My mom has to go for work, so the hotel's all paid for...and my parents bought my plane ticket to join them so it's practically free. It's just for a few days, but it should be super fun. Then, I'm hoping to book a family vacation for me and J and Meli in May or June. I really wanted to go to Beaches Turks and Caicos, but it's more expensive than I would like. So we're considering Atlantis in the Bahamas. While the hotel is pricey, the airfare should be low and the flight is convenient (it's like a 50 minute flight from S. Florida). I've heard really great things about Atlantis.

My best friend is pregnant again. This will be her FIFTH child. She already has four boys. Everyone, please, PRAY for a girl. :) (Yes, yes, healthy first -- but then, THINK PINK!) She's insane. But hell, after 4 kids - what's one more, right? We'll live vicariously through each other.

I guess that's about it.

I'll try to update a little more often - although I don't know if I have any f-list left.

-- Me


  2009.12.16  17.18



  2009.09.25  16.01
Vote please?

Bookmark this link, and whenever you're bored - just click on it and vote. :)




  2009.09.17  09.52

I want Puck.

That is all.


  2009.08.20  12.45
Making babies

So my friend always wanted a girl, so she used www.makemebabies.com to make herself one using her and her hubby's pics. So I decided to try the same. Looks a little like Meli, huh?

What do you think about my little new baby ?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

Maybe I'll try for a boy now.

ETA: eh, the boy looked a little too girlie for me, so I just did another girl cropping the pictures a little closer to the faces...

What do you think about my little new baby baby?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?


  2009.08.17  12.14
Everyone's sickly.

So...starting about a week ago, Meliyah was acting more cranky than usual. She had a horrible night sleep (as did I) with fits of crying and wanting to carry her from place to place all over the house. (I've found, through my brilliant powers of deductive reasoning, that the whole 'moving around thing' is Meliyah trying to escape herself when she doesn't feel well. It's so sad.)

The next day she barely ate or drank. She didn't even want her pacifier. She had 3 nights of no-sleep before it occurred to us that maybe she's teething? One decent mouth inspection revealed that she had huge horrible sores on her tongue. So, she was taken to the doctor. It's a virus. He suggested Motrin for the pain and a mixture of Benedryl and Kaopectate to coat and soothe her mouth. She wasn't eating, but he said as long as we could get her to drink and she was still wetting her diaper, there was no reason to panic. He said it could last up to 7 days. The poor little gooseburger.

Now that she's beginning to feel an inch better, Jason started with aches and chills on Friday night. I started with some kind of stomach bug on Saturday night. And both of us were out of commission all day yesterday. Thank god for my mother-in-law who took over baby-duty Sunday night and gave us a night of uncomfortable, but thankfully uninterrupted, sleep. As of this morning, Jason is running 102 fever. He's off to the doc right now.

It's the plague. I wonder if my house smells like sick people.

But hey, at least I rocked the mic at my friend's Rockband Party on Friday night. Woo!

-- Me


  2009.08.04  10.04
Writer's Block: I Don't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Have you ever found yourself enjoying something you had previously scorned as a cliché? What was it?
Buffy. "Really, Jason? Buffy?! You want me to watch Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?!?! What are you, 12?" Then, I became an addict. And THEN, I joined the forums. And THEN, I moderated the forums. And THEN, I wrote fanfic. Yeah, WTF.


  2009.07.24  10.15
Katie Holmes

So Katie Holmes was on SYTYCD last night. There was so much hype surrounding her appearance I really wasn't sure what to expect. Regardless of my expectations, there wasn't much actually comment on. Mostly she just lip synced to a pre-recorded track and sexy-walked around the stage. There wasn't any actual dancing by her.

As I mention to thegoyle it was like she was 16 years old and looking for an excuse to dress and act sexy in front of a national audience with absolutely zero talent to back it up. I actually felt sorry for her. Thankfully it lasted like 2 minutes and I didn't have to pity her for long.

It was nice to see dancers from previous seasons and the two Emmy-winning performances totally lived up to their Emmy's...especially the Hok/Jaime dance. It was SOOOOO good.

Personally, I think spoilers for eliminationCollapse )


  2009.06.22  14.56
For my Buffy fans...

who are as sick of Twilight as I am:


  2009.06.22  14.02
An LJ Post...

wherein I talk a tiny bit about TV.

True Blood. Yay. Somehow it needs to be longer than it is. Also, I heart Lafayette.

Medium. I finally caught up on the (now we know it's a...) SERIES finale. WTF? They're not gonna wrap that up for us?

24. I'm still 2 episodes behind the finale-that-didn't-record. I'm debating on whether or not to even bother.

SYTYCD. They only let Max go over Kupono because he has a receding hairline. Age-ist, Ugly-ist pigs, those judges. Kupono is highly overrated. Ugh. Love Phillip and Caitlin. Wish I was RL friends with Cat Deeley.

LOOOVVVINNNG Burn Notice and the new show, Royal Pains. LOVING THEM. That's really all I have to say.

-- Me


  2009.04.24  15.18

We leave tomorrow afternoon. I don't wanna go... WAAAHHHHH!!!!
I could seriously stay here, doing, seeing and eating all the same things every single day for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Why can't I win the lottery? Or inherit millions from some unknown relative? WHY!?!?! Why oh why must I suffer so?

Pictures here: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y130/MARCEE12/jamaica2/


  2009.04.10  12.32
Celeb gossip

SMG and Freddie Prinze are pregnant. The end.


  2009.03.25  15.26

I need a nap.


  2009.03.19  14.58
I need a new book series...

I just finished reading Kim Harrison's 'Hollows' series. It was pretty good. I've read all of John Saul and Dean Koontz. I've found I enjoy the more 'easy-read' series tho. Even though I found Janet Evanovich kind of childish, I read her entire series and mostly enjoyed it. Piers Anthony used to be my favorite author so I'm not against fantasy novels. I did enjoy Eragon and Eldest (I have the new one, but it's big and hardcover and not convenient for transport.) As many of you know, I'm a fan of Buffy - so the vampire stuff works for me too. But I don't like historical, political or educational. :) I want simple, easy-to-read, fun entertainment to take with me to the beach.

PLEASE make some suggestions.


-- Me


  2009.02.26  09.55
Is anyone capable...

of downloading this embedded video as an actual video file?

If so, please help?



  2009.02.13  10.12
CupCake Cones...

So, some of you may have seen my beautificous CupCake Cones in Meli's birthday album, but if not - This is what they looked like...Collapse )


  2009.02.09  13.31

Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse premieres this friday, February 13th. Set your digital recorders. ;)

A Whedon show...on Fox...starting Friday the 13th...

Yea, doesn't bode well, does it?


  2009.02.04  11.20
Perez Sometimes Posts Worthwhile Quotes...

Like this one:
"Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that [Harry Potter author] Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and [Twilight author] Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

- Stephen King tells USA Today

LOL. It's funny cause it's true.


  2009.02.03  13.48
Career Choice by Color...

This is a pretty awesome career-test...
Based on color preferences, it tells you which career you're most suited for. A word of advice, if you take the test, go with your first impulse -- don't sit there debating which colors to choose. I took the test very quickly without overthinking my choices and my result...

Well, it was eerily accurateCollapse )


  2009.02.02  17.51
Happy Birthday, Meli.

Pictures of Meli's 2nd birthday would be here.

When you ask her how old she is, she holds up her two index fingers and says "Teeeyu!" It's so super duper cute.


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