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CupCake Cones...

So, some of you may have seen my beautificous CupCake Cones in Meli's birthday album, but if not -


Well, that was my very first try and they turned out great! Plus, they were a super-duper hit with the kids. They were fairly easy to make. The only really tough part was setting up the cones (with all the tinfoil to keep them upright) and then transporting them without tipping them over.

Cut to last night.

I decided to make them again for Meli's class for Valentine's day. I still had cake mix in the house; all I needed were cones, icing and some red or pink sprinkles. So Jason picked those up for me. (Yay Jason!)

I made the batter - easy peasy. I started setting up the cones (time consuming pain). Then I ran into a problem. At some point last week CJ got a hold of the tin foil box and chewed it to death. I hadn't realized that the chewing caused irreparable damage to the foil inside - and since that incident, Jason had been unrolling the foil half-assed-ly, leaving me with un-usable foil. Hmph. I was at an impasse. It was 10:30pm and I wasn't about to go to the store for TIN FOIL. Puuleease. So I tried to figure out what else I could do to keep the cones solidly upright in the oven. Preferably, something that wouldn't burst into flame.

Here's what I ultimately did - and because it worked so well and I'm so proud, I felt the need to post it somewhere! Anywhere! In case anyone does a search for "how to make cupcake cones" or "how to transport cupcake cones".

I used a dollop of frosting to stick the bottom of the cone to the muffin tin. Ingenious, right!? They stuck really well; I spooned the batter in and into the oven they went. Even better, the frosting melts and cooks inside the oven so that when I took them out, the frosting was flat and hard and made a sugary glue that kept the Cupcake Cones in place. Jason shimmied one out this morning - and no damage was done! Sure, it takes a little finesse, but EASY TRANSPORT - since they were literally stuck to the pan! YAY FROSTING!

I should have taken a picture again; they came out even better this time. And pink! They were white and pink! So cute.

Anyway, that was my night (and my morning). And hopefully the kids will enjoy them at school as much as they did at Meli's party.

/martha stewart

-- Marcee
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