Marcee (marcee12) wrote,

An LJ Post...

wherein I talk a tiny bit about TV.

True Blood. Yay. Somehow it needs to be longer than it is. Also, I heart Lafayette.

Medium. I finally caught up on the (now we know it's a...) SERIES finale. WTF? They're not gonna wrap that up for us?

24. I'm still 2 episodes behind the finale-that-didn't-record. I'm debating on whether or not to even bother.

SYTYCD. They only let Max go over Kupono because he has a receding hairline. Age-ist, Ugly-ist pigs, those judges. Kupono is highly overrated. Ugh. Love Phillip and Caitlin. Wish I was RL friends with Cat Deeley.

LOOOVVVINNNG Burn Notice and the new show, Royal Pains. LOVING THEM. That's really all I have to say.

-- Me
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