Marcee (marcee12) wrote,

Everyone's sickly.

So...starting about a week ago, Meliyah was acting more cranky than usual. She had a horrible night sleep (as did I) with fits of crying and wanting to carry her from place to place all over the house. (I've found, through my brilliant powers of deductive reasoning, that the whole 'moving around thing' is Meliyah trying to escape herself when she doesn't feel well. It's so sad.)

The next day she barely ate or drank. She didn't even want her pacifier. She had 3 nights of no-sleep before it occurred to us that maybe she's teething? One decent mouth inspection revealed that she had huge horrible sores on her tongue. So, she was taken to the doctor. It's a virus. He suggested Motrin for the pain and a mixture of Benedryl and Kaopectate to coat and soothe her mouth. She wasn't eating, but he said as long as we could get her to drink and she was still wetting her diaper, there was no reason to panic. He said it could last up to 7 days. The poor little gooseburger.

Now that she's beginning to feel an inch better, Jason started with aches and chills on Friday night. I started with some kind of stomach bug on Saturday night. And both of us were out of commission all day yesterday. Thank god for my mother-in-law who took over baby-duty Sunday night and gave us a night of uncomfortable, but thankfully uninterrupted, sleep. As of this morning, Jason is running 102 fever. He's off to the doc right now.

It's the plague. I wonder if my house smells like sick people.

But hey, at least I rocked the mic at my friend's Rockband Party on Friday night. Woo!

-- Me
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