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It's All About Me...

No, Really, It Is.

26 March
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About me... hmm...
Well, unlike most people who think they know everything, I actually DO. It's a gift. (And a curse.) I really don't have time for all the stupid people in the world - and damn! we are SO over quota. If ignorance is bliss, why isn't the world a happier place? Seriously - there should be parties in the street every day and night.

What else?
I spend an exorbitant amount of money. It's a sickness. I think, maybe, it stems from being an only child and, for the most part, always getting what I want (and, because of my omniscience, always being right). I wouldn't necessarily consider myself spoiled, though. Why? Because I'm entitled. Besides being smart and attractive, I work hard for everything I get. Also, I have big boobs.

I watch way too much TV. I follow entertainment news. I have a weakness for name brand sunglasses and purses. I like cheesy romantic comedies, old 80's movies and almost every action-packed blockbuster - but I refuse to rent anything from Blockbuster, with a capital 'B'. I love my husband, his motorcycles, my dog and almost every recipe involving pasta.

I'm shallow and opinionated, but I'm a good friend. I'm excessively honest, but people know to come to me on those rare occasions when they actually want the truth. I'm bad at staying in touch, but I'm there when I'm needed.

I talk fast, I drive fast and I think fast...I just don't run very fast. Thankfully, I don't have to run all that often. I'm not a fan of running, or flying or boating. Or hiking or skiing, for that matter. I like swimming, maybe skating, definitely dancing...but my favorite activity of all? Lounging.

In short: I spend and talk too much. I'm always right - and I have no patience for stupidity. I think that sounds about right. Still want to know me?